Acroverse Creative upgrades IT infrastructure with IBM Cloud Services

Korea-based user experience consulting and design company Acroverse Creative has chosen IBM Cloud to strengthen its presence in overseas market.

In a release Acroverse said the company will deploy its File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service on cloud infrastructure from SoftLayer, the cloud wing of IBM, to improve management of its data by streamlining file transfers for design and content as it expands to overseas markets.

“Acroverse chose SoftLayer because of its multi-continent private network allowing the company to enable its stable and quick economic FTP service for communicating files with overseas customers,” said the company officials.

Acroverse deployed its FTP service on the SoftLayer cloud platform in April after a short nine-day building period. Moving its services to the cloud has improved customer experience by allowing the company’s customers around the world to place orders, upload files, and download files quicker than ever before.

Operational efficiency and costs have improved as well. With its quick provisioning and large product and services portfolio, SoftLayer has lowered traffic cost and enhanced Acroverse’s overseas FTP service.

Moving forward, SoftLayer’s global data center footprint – which will include 40 datacenters across five continents in every major financial market around the world by the end of 2014 – and high-speed private network will enable Acroverse Creative to maintain reliable service for customers in new markets.

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