8×8 launches new Virtual Office Desktop softphone application

Infotech Lead America: 8×8, a provider of cloud-based communication and computing solutions, has launched a new Virtual Office Desktop softphone application for its Virtual Office business VoIP and Virtual Office Pro unified communications solutio

8×8’s update to Virtual Office Desktop includes enterprise grade IM (instant messaging) and presence along with fax, and social media feeds, combined in one easy to use application.


Virtual Office Desktop retains the same functionality of the Virtual Office Online browser application presented in a more robust native Windows and Mac application. It integrates a business softphone with one-on-one video calling, web and video conferencing along with visual voicemail.

As a native Windows and Mac app, Virtual Office Desktop automatically launches when the computer starts. Unlike web applications that need a browser and navigate to a web page that can get hidden behind other browser tabs, the app shows system alerts or screen pops in the foreground when incoming calls, IMs and faxes are received. Calls can ring both a headset and the computer speakers in case the user has temporarily put down his or her headset. These features ensure that users no longer miss calls and chats.

The app’s simplified user interface and compact design saves screen space while providing quick access to a personal and corporate directory, softphone, online meetings and faxes. It features a History tab which provides an easily searchable archive of call logs, chats, meeting info, recordings and social media feeds.

Echo cancellation and native support for advanced speech codecs improve audio quality on Windows, even with low bandwidth connections.

8×8 senior product manager Phillip Liu, said: “While customers appreciate the convenience of quickly accessing 8×8’s unified communications app through any web browser, our most dedicated users wanted the absolute best call quality and user experience which can only be delivered through a native Windows or Mac application.”

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