How PayU India reduced time-to-market using AWS cloud

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has shared how it played a key role in transforming PayU India’s, one of the top-three payment gateway providers in the country, business.

It is one of the top-three payment gateway providers in the country with more than 30 percent market share, comprising more than 300,000 merchants.

To thrive in a competitive market, PayU India operation needed to deliver reliable, responsive payment services. So, it selected payments technology vendor Citrus Pay to assist Indian operation.

That was not enough to address PayU India’s requirement. With PayU India and Citrus Pay merging, the business needed to consolidate data from both sides to maximize the use of information to make data-driven decisions.

The PayU data science team realised that the business would need to scale up its existing infrastructure fourfold while aggregating all data sources into a single database.

They also understood that the new architecture would also need to scale to support increasing demand while enabling PayU India to control its costs.

Therefore, PayU India decided to adopt a full-featured cloud service to deliver its payment gateway. Their evaluation of cloud providers ended in AWS.

PayU India decided to implement a cloud-based database and associated systems in the AWS Cloud near the end of 2015. AWS helped PayU India in reviewing the architecture and systems to determine best practices, where costs could be optimized, and whether the systems could be scaled.

The AWS infrastructure operates in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud(Amazon VPC). PayU India also makes use of Amazon Redshift data warehouse to store replica of database and AWS Lambda to manage AWS resources and run code in response to events.

In addition, the business is evaluating Amazon Machine Learning for the key function of determining whether the business should provide credit to Indian residents who do not have credit ratings, cards, or bank accounts.

According to a PayU India spokesperson, the business has reaped considerable benefits from using AWS. It gained the ability to scale its infrastructure at least fourfold to support a rapid increase in merchant clients, consumers, and transactions.

“When we moved to PayU, the number of merchants we supported rose from 10,000 to more than 300,000,” said the spokesperson.

“The number of consumers our infrastructure had to accommodate rose from 25 million to more than 50 million. And the value of the transactions we manage rose to 60 billion rupees ($932 million) per month, which is an industry high.”

The AWS infrastructure has also enabled PayU India to meet demand fueled by the Indian Government’s demonetization initiative in November 2016.

The PayU India data science spokesperson says, “In November and December 2016, we saw a considerable increase in data volumes, number of customers we were handling, infrastructure requirements for payment gateways.”

AWS also helped to launch and run LazyPay, a pay later checkout option from PayU.

AWS in Cloud Market

According to a recent report by Canalys, AWS dominates the global cloud market, growing 42 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2017.   However, the growth rate was lower than those of its main rivals. Microsoft achieved 97 percent growth and Google gained 92 percent growth. IBM is in the fourth place with 23 percent increase.

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AWS has an established AI service, focusing on understanding language, speech recognition, visual search, text-to-speech conversion and machine learning technologies. Its market shares now stands at 34 percent, compared to 11 percent for Microsoft and 5 percent for Google.

The cloud vendor was recently selected by media company Hulu and financial institution FICO as their cloud partner.

Hulu leveraged AWS to launch its new over-the-top live TV service, whiel FICO migrated several of its core applications to AWS.

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