Valio IT manager Kimmo Poikela on Fujitsu deal

Fujitsu for IT transformationValio says Fujitsu is assisting Finland’s largest dairy for transforming IT infrastructure by transferring its existing systems onto a SAP HANA platform.

Valio’s digital transformation is aimed at improving the availability and reliability of the company’s services. Valio also aims to benefit from digital services and data analytics.

As part of the broader digital transformation project, Fujitsu is migrating Valio’s databases including enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), supplier relationship management and access portal systems to an SAP HANA environment.

Fujitsu has also optimized key Valio applications to be compatible with the SAP HANA database. The SAP HANA system represents a highly business-critical system for Valio, since it serves as a central repository for the dairy’s sales, logistics and enterprise resource planning data.

Fujitsu will also be implementing additional capacity services for the dairy to manage, store and back up its SAP applications. Service maintenance agreements will see the two companies work together until at least 2022.

“We have ambitious plans, so we need a technology infrastructure that is agile enough to keep pace. Also, as a busy dairy, we operate 24/7, so it is crucial that we have a solid foundation for all the business critical applications we rely on, around the clock,” said Kimmo Poikela, IT manager at Valio.

“By working closely together with Fujitsu, we have been able to streamline our systems, improving efficiency and freeing us up to deliver innovative dairy products to our customers,” said Kimmo Poikela.

Fujitsu worked with Valio to transform its infrastructure since 2002, providing a selection of application and infrastructure, desktop, availability and management services.

In 2015, Valio moved its SAP system from an on-premise data center to a service hosted by Fujitsu, and migrated its business intelligence and business operation systems to the SAP HANA platform.

Fujitsu introduced FlexFrame Orchestrator software running on PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems, to manage Valio’s SAP software environment, enabling the dairy to optimize planning, operation and change management, and reduce operational spend on IT systems.