Tupperware rides on digital transformation for business efficiency

Tupperware Brands, a 73 plus year-old company, is betting on technology investment as part of its digital transformation.
Tupperware digital transformationTupperware is innovating across products and sales force and consumer experiences. “We’re deploying technology to drive engagement and enhance connections which is going to make it easier for our sales force to earn,” Tricia Stitzel, CEO of Tupperware Brands, said during an analyst call.

Tupperware is updating its service and business models as part of the aim to streamline its global organization to improve efficiency in operations.

Tupperware delivered sales of $487 million (–2 percent) and that included $16 million from B2B sales in Q1 2019. Tupperware did not reveal the contribution of the e-commerce sales to its total revenue.

Tupperware has generated sales of $156 million and profit of $30 million in Asia-Pacific. Its e-commerce platform is driving traffic back to the growing number of outlets that touched 6,800.

Oracle has recently revealed how Tupperware accelerated its digital finance transformation with the assistance of Oracle.

Tupperware completed a rollout of a new marketing communications platform that is now in 27 countries. The platform allows the sales force to easily and efficiently communicate with consumers and other sales force members across multiple channels including email and social media applications.

Tupperware also recently launched in the U.S. and Canada personalized emails on behalf of the sales force manager which is delivering a consistent 10 percent to 15 percent increase in new sales force activation. Tupperware is rolling this program out to France and Germany in the second quarter.

Tupperware will launch a new e-commerce website in the US and Canada in August of 2019. It aims to enhance footfalls through search engine optimization, influencer marketing, and ad retargeting, all of which will elevate an increased consumer awareness of the Tupperware Brand and generate leads to new consumers.

Tupperware piloted a new sales force tool called TupSocial in the U.S. with plans to expand to Europe in the third quarter. TupSocial is a platform that allows the sales force to reach prospective sellers and consumers through a variety of social media sites thus increasing the members reach efficiency and effectiveness.

Rajani Baburajan