Rackspace Survey: IT, marketing leaders seek more team integration

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A recent survey commissioned by Rackspace revealed huge disconnect between CMOs and CIOs in e-commerce and digital marketing.

The survey of  201 U.S. marketing and IT senior leaders found 92 Percent of marketing leaders and 75 Percent of IT leaders are looking for more integration between the two teams.

Only 14 percent of surveyed marketing leaders and 17 percent of surveyed IT leaders feel that they are currently very integrated.

Rackspace said the findings underscore the need for IT and marketing to find common ground as they are increasingly tasked with working together on digital marketing and e-commerce strategy and execution.

According to the survey, marketers see themselves as cooperative and extroverted, while they see IT as nerdy and data-driven. However, IT team members see themselves as realistic, but still cooperative. The result is misunderstanding in both sides.

Of those surveyed, only 19 percent of IT leaders think marketing understands what they do, while fewer than one in 10 marketing leaders think IT leaders understand what they do.

Kyle Metcalf, General Manager of Rackspace Digital said the rapid growth of digital marketing and e-commerce pushed IT and marketing groups together. And if these groups are at odds, it can cause the customer experience to slip.

The survey found the major frustration on both sides is the disagreement over speed. The top frustration among surveyed marketing leaders (46 percent) is that IT does not work quickly enough, and the major frustration among surveyed IT leaders (47 percent) is that marketing wants IT to move too quickly, potentially compromising quality and security.

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