KPMG-Dell study: More than half of Indian organisations have digital IT roadmap

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Results of a latest survey conducted by KPMG- Dell showed that 55 percent of organizations in India have a digital IT roadmap in place.

As per the survey, 32 percent of the organizations have a formalized digital strategy in place in one or more business units.

At the same time, 30 percent of the organizations do not have a formal digital strategy but are working on one. Meanwhile, 25 percent of the organizations have an enterprise-wide digital strategy.

Further, the study of CIOs revealed that top IT spending priority was given to mobile technologies, followed by IT governance, risk and compliance, business intelligence, analytics and enterprise applications.

CIOs reported data sovereignty and privacy as the biggest barriers for adoption of emerging technologies. Other obstacles reported include technology literacy, regulatory compliance, understanding technological shifts and physical control.

Furthermore, CIOs noted cyber security is one the key threats which keep them awake. 96percent of the respondents recognize the risks posed by cyber-attacks. For 92percent of the CIOs, the focus has shifted from catalyzing adoption to helping ensure the appropriate governance throughout the adoption lifecycle.

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