InfotechLead Awards 2017 nominations open

TelecomLead and InfotechLead, leading B2B news portals on Telecom and IT, announce the launch of their first awards, starting 2017.

TelecomLead Awards 2017 are open to Telecom Service Providers operating in India as well as equipment, solutions or services suppliers catering to Indian market.

InfotechLead Awards 2017 are open to Enterprise IT decision makers of Indian companies and IT solutions and services providers targeting Indian market.

There will be two categories of awards:

(1) Leaders
(2) Products/Services

The Leaders category awards will assess how a CEO, CIO, CTO, CXO or a Team assisted the company or the industry to enhance revenue, improve customer experience and customer loyalty, innovate, optimize expenditure, handle major crisis, negotiate big deals, handle big projects, and lead big teams.

The Products/ Services category will be divided into two sub categories

  1. a) Achievements (OR)
  2. b) Innovation

Products / Services – Achievements Award will assess how a product or service helped the customer generate additional revenue, supported in their business development or daily activities of retail customers, enhanced customer satisfaction, increased RoI, reduced cost, and more.

Products / Services – Innovation Award will measure all aspects of innovation, with special thrust on the need for innovation, the impact on customers, overall benefits to the industry, success on trials, and more. Innovation should have been announced within the last two years.

Winners of the award will be selected by a jury, consisting of experts from the Telecom and IT industry.

The awards will be announced on June 15.

Below is the list of Awards open for nominations.

InfotechLead Awards 2017 categories

  1. InfotechLead Leaders
  2. InfotechLead Digital Transformation Project
  3. InfotechLead Networking Company
  4. InfotechLead IoT Tech Company
  5. InfotechLead E-Commerce Company
  6. InfotechLead Mobile Payments Company
  7. InfotechLead Data Center Company
  8. InfotechLead Big Data Analytics Company
  9. InfotechLead Network Security Company
  10. InfotechLead IT Services Company
  11. InfotechLead BPO
  12. InfotechLead Smart City Tech Company
  13. InfotechLead Cloud Services Company
  14. InfotechLead Cloud Infrastructure Company
  15. InfotechLead Web Hosting Company
  16. InfotechLead Business Software Company
  17. InfotechLead Mobility Company
  18. InfotechLead PR Campaign
  19. InfotechLead Marketing Campaign
  20. InfotechLead Tech Institute

TelecomLead Awards 2017 categories

  1. TelecomLead Leaders
  2. TelecomLead operator
  3. TelecomLead Equipment Maker (3G, 4G, WiFi, Fixed Broadband, etc)
  4. TelecomLead IoT service
  5. TelecomLead Fixed Broadband operator
  6. TelecomLead 4G operator
  7. TelecomLead Mobile Internet operator
  8. TelecomLead Business Communication operator
  9. TelecomLead Service Quality
  10. TelecomLead Mobile App
  11. TelecomLead Chipset Company (3G, 4G, IoT, etc)
  12. TelecomLead Testing Company (devices and service providers)
  13. TelecomLead Tower Company
  14. TelecomLead Analytics Company
  15. TelecomLead SDN / NFV Company
  16. TelecomLead IT services Company
  17. TelecomLead Smartphone / Tablet Company
  18. TelecomLead OSS/BSS Company
  19. TelecomLead Marketing Campaign
  20. TelecomLead PR Campaign
  21. TelecomLead Tech Institute

To submit nominations, click here.

Alternatively, email to [email protected] and [email protected] for TelecomLead and InfotechLead Awards respectively.

Last date to submit your nomination is 20 May, 2017.

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TelecomLead ( and InfotechLead ( are part of Kizhakedath Media Services (KMS) Pvt. Ltd., a digital media company based in New Delhi, India. TelecomLead is a leading B2B telecom news website covering news and analysis on global telecom industry, with special focus to India. InfotechLead focuses on news and analysis on IT needs of enterprises. KMS was launched in 2011. Other publications from KMS include GreentechLead, GizmoLead and EconomyLead.

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