Indian biz to invest 65% of IT budget in new services delivery: CA Technologies study

Indian IT leaders are expecting to invest 65 percent of their IT budget in delivering new services, said a CA Technologies-sponsored study.

The survey said the top trends impacting IT in India are Cloud Computing (53 percent), DevOps (53 percent) and Big Data (33 percent).

71 percent of top management considers IT to be fundamental to the organization’s success or very strategically important, compared to 51 percent in the United States.

92 percent of the top IT executives in India report to the CEO or the most senior officer in the organization.

Sunil Manglore, managing director, CA Technologies India, said: “Customers are demanding new applications and a different experience, and employees require new tools to succeed and be productive. This is compelling CIOs to evolve the role of IT.”

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55 percent of IT spend is happening outside the IT department. This is the highest percentage in the world of company-wide IT spending controlled by other lines of business.

IT leaders must increase their IT interactions with lines of business from the current levels which are encouraging: 39 percent act as a service broker and advise the business on recommended vendors while 13 percent act as a consultant to the business.

89 percent of respondents in India anticipate further changes in the roles of IT in their organization over the next five years, compared to 42 percent  in the United States.

49 percent of respondents list ensuring the organization’s critical data is secure as their primary role.

52 percent of IT leaders say more training on new technologies like Cloud, DevOps and Big Data are needed to leverage these technologies for the business.

Vanson Bourne conducted the study of 1,300 senior IT leaders in six Asia-Pacific countries (Australia, China, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea) and 15 other countries around the world in May through July 2013.

The study’s respondents assume IT executive, management, project lead or enterprise architect positions at enterprises with revenues of $100 million or more.

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