How to improve customer experience utilizing Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook

Forrester Google, FB, Apple, Amazon

Over the years, the influence of Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook in daily life has increased by leaps and bounds, disrupting various industries and the nature of businesses.

The prominence of these big four in people’s life has played key roles in setting new customer expectations.

CX professionals can effectively make use of the tools these vendors provide to meet customers’ expectations.

“The four tech giants continue to succeed as they expand into different markets because the experiences they create are intuitive, intelligent, contextually aware, powered by a broad ecosystem, and ubiquitous,” market research firm Forrester says in a report.

These vendors leverage artificial intelligence to help clients get value more quickly. For example, Google Assistant, part of the search giant’s Android operating system, not only helps people search the internet but can also make unprompted recommendations on content that may interest the user.

Similarly, Alexa voice interface from Amazon can help customers control parts of their home, play music, summon rides, and purchase products from

Forrester analyst TJ Keitt points out that all these majors were able to create massive, engaged customer bases.

Facebook’s social network has 1.9 billion users around the world.  Likewise, 83 percent of U.S. online adults have purchased something from Amazon in the past three months.

Google claims that its Search, Android, Chrome, YouTube, Google Play, and Gmail offerings each has more than 1 billion monthly users.

Customer service software maker Freshworks, for example, has worked with Amazon to integrate its support experience with Alexa.

Besides, it has partnered with Google to weave its technology into the tech giant’s communications tool, Google Hangouts.

To keep growing market share and engaging customers, these vendors continuously offer new services that enhance the core experience.

For example, Google used its popular consumer email service, Gmail, as the foundation for its enterprise collaboration services suite, G Suite.

Similarly, Amazon expanded out of its eCommerce base into streaming video and music to make its Amazon Prime service even stickier.

Keitt concludes that companies must make these vendors part of their CX ecosystem and CX pros must help their companies build a strategy to best capitalize on this opportunity.

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