How CIOs can combat change fatigue among workers

employeeCIOs must take action to address the unprecedented amount of change brought by the pandemic that has resulted in employee fatigue, according to Gartner.

Gartner  identifies ‘change fatigue’ as the negative employee response to change that can harm organizational outcomes.

To combat this issue, CIOs must take four steps to decrease change fatigue in their organizations.

Firstly, they should treat change fatigue as a business issue and factor it into their planning initiatives.

Secondly, CIOs should establish a distributed leadership model that assigns overseers and tactical decision-makers dispersed across the organization to have closer contact with workers and change directions when fatigue arises.

Thirdly, CIOs should involve IT and business stakeholders in change management to co-create execution plans.

Lastly, CIOs should care about the emotions of change by creating a mental track record of positive experiences and providing opportunities for employees to share their concerns.

These steps will ensure that the multidisciplinary teams share accountability for results and focus on delivering business outcomes, not merely completing a project plan.

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