Goodyear bets of digital transformation to bolster e-commerce sales

Goodyear reported sales of $3.6 billion (–6 percent) and net loss of $61 million in the first quarter of 2019.
Goodyear digital transformationGoodyear started deriving substantial benefits from its digital transformation initiatives. But it does not reveal the percentage of its sales on e-commerce platform that was launched in 2015.

Goodyear CIO Sherry Neubert is responsible for investment in digital transformation space. Goodyear’s chief technology officer is Chris Helsel.

A Microsoft case study said Goodyear is driving productivity and efficiencies with the deployment of Microsoft 365. Goodyear also has an Internet of Things (IoT) proof of concept with Azure hosting big data from sensors in factories.

“This allows us to use machine-learning capabilities to improve our predictive maintenance,” Goodyear CIO Sherry Neubert said.

Goodyear is looking forward to using Microsoft HoloLens for virtual tire modeling and design. One project explores an Internet of Things (IoT) scenario whereby new sensors deployed on manufacturing plant equipment can help predict maintenance events in advance.

Goodyear has responded to tire consumer demands by introducing B2C e-commerce site, mobile install and roll by Goodyear.

Goodyear, which became the first tire manufacturer to move online with the launch of its e-commerce platform in 2015, will launch commercial e-commerce pilot in June this year.

“This platform provides us with an opportunity to better meet the needs of commercial truck fleets and owner operators and increase the business and online competitiveness of commercial tire dealers,” Goodyear CEO Richard J. Kramer said during an earnings call last week.

Goodyear is betting big on its mobility solutions. Its latest mobility and technology partners include Envoy Technologies, Local Motors, and YourMechanic. Envoy Technologies provide turnkey easy car-sharing solutions that allow real estate owners and operators to offer mobility as an amenity.

Goodyear’s predictive tire-servicing solution will enable Envoy’s fleet managers to manage the service needs of the company’s vehicles with the aim of minimizing the operational downtime of the fleet and maximizing the user experience.

Goodyear has teamed with Local Motors to conduct tire testing with Olli, an eight-passenger Autonomous Shuttle. Local Motors also selected Goodyear tires for exclusive fitment on its Olli vehicles.

YourMechanic offers mobile repair maintenance, inspection, and reconditioning services directly to millions of consumers and fleets across North America. The company added to its platform for tire sales and services.

YourMechanic will enhance Goodyear’s Global Innovation Network that includes customers, suppliers, and start-up businesses for making the tire buying process easier.

Rajani Baburajan