Female CIO to up enterprise IT budget by 2.5% against male CIO’s 0.2%

It’s time for IT vendors to tap female CIOs because they are going to increase their IT budget by 2.5 percent as compared with male CIOs 0.2 percent increase in 2014, said Gartner.

Female CIOs are focusing on digital expenditure.

The Gartner survey does not talk about the specific IT budget of the respondent organizations.

Gartner suggests that the presence of chief digital officers (CDOs) in enterprises where female CIOs are present may account for the increase in budget, with a slightly larger percentage of female CIOs’ IT budgets being outside of the IT department.

Female CIOs are slightly more confident about their enterprise’s ability to deal with the wave of digital opportunities. 49 percent of female CIOs are concerned that the digital torrent is coming faster than they can cope, while slightly more male CIOs 51 percent, shared this concern.

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8.9 percent of the women had a CDO present in their organization, whereas 6 percent of the male CIOs reported having a CDO. Additionally, 25 percent of the CDOs were women.

They may be an indicator of women’s affinity for the role or of some difference in the backgrounds of male and female executives that may bear further study and examination, said Gartner.

Technology priorities of female and male CIOs are more similar than they are different.

Business intelligence (BI)/analytics, infrastructure and data center and mobile are the top three priorities for both genders.

Cloud ranked slightly higher for women than it did for men, who placed ERP systems in fourth position and cloud in fifth. There were virtually no significant differences in the top 10 technology priorities based on gender.

Female CIOs placed compliance as priority No. 11, although it did not appear in the top 12 for men. Male CIOs ranked collaboration as No. 12, whereas it did not appear in the top 12 for women.

Priorities fall lower or off the list when CIOs believe they have them well in hand. In other cases, the differences may be related to industry or enterprise maturity.

Gartner conducted the CIO survey in the fourth quarter of 2013 covering 2,339 CIOs, representing more than $300 billion in CIO IT budgets in 77 countries. Out of this, 13.2 percent were women.

The overall percentage of women in the CIO role has not grown significantly in the last 10 years, said Gartner.

Pix source: IBM

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