e.l.f. Beauty digital transformation drives sales and user engagement

Tarang Amin, chairman, CEO and president of e.l.f. Beauty, has revealed the company’s main achievements after started focusing on digital transformation.
e.l.f. Cosmetics
e.l.f. Beauty, a leading beauty brand targeting the youth, has decided to increase its marketing plus e-commerce spend to 14 percent of net sales for the quarter. The company expects to spend 12 percent to 14 percent of net sales on marketing plus e-commerce for fiscal 2020.

Ekta Chopra is the head of Digital at e.l.f. Cosmetics responsible for digital transformation. Ekta Chopra leads the technology, ecommerce and direct marketing functions at e.l.f., with a focus on architecture and design, security and compliance, building scalable enterprise solutions, and managing e.l.f.’s direct-to-consumer business and direct marketing strategies.

Salesforce is one of the main IT suppliers of e.l.f. Beauty, the cosmetics retailer. Salesforce allows e.l.f. Beauty to understand needs of consumers and build a connection with them at an individual level.

“We use a lot of the Salesforce platform. Commerce Cloud powers the shopping experience online and on mobile, as well as order management. Einstein artificial intelligence helps us predict which products customers are most likely to be interested in and tailor their experience accordingly. Marketing Cloud allows us to communicate with our customers in a personalized way,” Ekta Chopra said recently.

e.l.f. e.l.f. Beauty, which focused on authentic engagement with consumers, expanded its digital presence and tested new platforms. It sponsored the #eyeslipface challenge on TikTok, a video music platform with hundreds of millions of users and a huge following among Gen Z.

The e.l.f. challenge encouraged people to record their own 15-second video to an original song. The digital video campaign resulted in a number of firsts, including most views upon launch, first paid ad to hold the #1 trending hashtag on TikTok, and first branded hashtag challenge to feature an original song.

The digital campaign has resulted into the creation of 1.5 million videos, the record for any TikTok brand challenge, generating 3.2 billion views.

e.l.f.  recently reached 5 million followers on Instagram digital platform. Its Beauty Squad Loyalty Program now has over 1.5 million members. elfcosmetics.com and retailer.com sites achieved strong growth.

The United States-based beauty brand closed 22 e.l.f.-branded stores in February as part of cost savings initiative. The company started redeploying the $13.7 million in annual spend that it used to invest in stores is driving momentum in retailer and elfcosmetics.com businesses.

“We’re making good progress on our automation, new plan initiatives in Southern California and hope to be operational by the end of this fiscal year,” Tarang Amin said.

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