Decathlon CIO Tony Leon: improved customer experience with MuleSoft

MuleSoft has revealed how the company assisted sporting retailer Decathlon to deliver connected customer experiences and expansion in new regional markets.
Decathlon and retail technology managementAnypoint Platform has enabled Decathlon, which operates over 1,600 sporting goods stores in 52 countries, to build a foundation of reusable APIs. IT team at Decathlon feels that the deployment of MuleSoft solutions has assisted the company to plug in new services easily for improving better customer experience both online and in stores.

MuleSoft is assisting Decathlon for building its retail and e-commerce presence in the United States by enabling the company to build an application network. Decathlon is using APIs to connect systems and processes such as point of sale software, order management, and inventory data in an application network to easily access and reuse applications and data to scale the retail business globally.

Decathlon is using API-led connectivity to merge its physical stores and digital capabilities, driving new omnichannel experiences for its customers. The retail company is leveraging its reusable APIs to iterate on brand new customer experiences in the United States in the initial phase and will expand to other markets as well.

For instance, Decathlon USA said its Emeryville, California location has integrated its order management system with mobile point-of-sale and cashless payment systems to eliminate the need for consumers to go through a traditional checkout lane.

Decathlon store associates — pulling data from the same order management system — can use their Apple iPhones to share real-time aisle inventory information with shoppers and order non-stocked items for home delivery or in-store pickup.

The retailer has rolled out autonomous inventory robots in its Bay Area stores. Connecting to Decathlon’s backend systems, each bot conducts precise, daily inventory counts and provides specific location information for products.

Tony Leon, CIO and CTO, Decathlon USA, said: “Anypoint Platform’s combination of API and integration capabilities lets us reimagine and deliver new in-store experiences almost instantly.”

Decathlon began creating a strong foundation of technology building blocks by designing a cloud-based order management platform with reusable APIs — including product prices, order reconciliation, inventory, and fulfillment.

Decathlon used Anypoint Platform to deploy a core set of 11 reusable APIs, abstracting away from legacy systems to make hard-to-reach data more accessible. Decathlon used modernized order management foundation to sync up e-commerce orders up with real-time inventory data to ensure a seamless checkout process to customers.

“With Anypoint Platform, we are turning our most valuable technology assets into reusable building blocks, accessible through a repository of secure APIs. Our order management project would have taken a year without MuleSoft, but we completed it in four months, tripling the delivery speed,” Tony Leon said.

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