Current business situation demands more from CIOs


IT data intelligence provider BDNA shared its quarterly State of the Enterprise report on the changing role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

In the report, BDNA said today’s business situation adds more responsibility on CIOs in addition to those associated with managing a company’s information technology, data governance and IT asset management.

The job increasingly requires agility in supporting and executing enterprise goals, developing best practices, planning resources, managing budgets and training employees.

BDNA says the redefined CIO role should be immersed not only in innovation, but also in evaluating increased security threats and broadening financial implications.

“Over the past three decades I have seen the roles of executives continue to elevate as technology changes the way we operate from a personal and business operations perspective,” said Walker White, president of BDNA.

“As the role of the CIO changes, responsibilities will expand and there may be a day when multiple executive positions are combined into one. This allows for an even stronger executive team that has a deep knowledge of the entire enterprise business architecture, not just a siloed perspective.”

Arya MM

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