How CMOs will align with IT and CIOs in future

IT market research agency IDC today shared top 10 predictions for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and said 25 percent of high-tech CMOs will be replaced every year through 2018.

The following are the other major predictions for CMOs.

# 25 percent of marketing organizations will solve critical skill gaps by deploying centers of excellence by 2017.

# 15 percent of B2B companies will use more than 20 data sources to personalize a high-value customer journey by 2017.

# One in three marketing organizations will deliver compelling content to all stages of the buyer’s journey by 2018.

# Only one in five companies will retool to reach line of business (LOB) buyers and outperform those selling exclusively to IT in 2015.

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# 50 percent of large high-tech marketing organizations will create in-house agencies by 2016.

# 20 percent of B2B sales teams will go virtual, resulting in improved pipeline conversion rates by 2018.

# 70 percent of B2B mobile customer apps will fail to achieve ROI because they lack customer value add by 2017.

# 25 percent of CMOs and CIOs will have a shared road map for marketing technology by 2018

# 20 percent of B2B CMOs will drive budget increases by attributing campaign results to revenue performance by 2018.

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