What CIOs’ think about cloud adoption, Unisys reveals

CIO India
CIOs are the C-suite executives most intensively advocating and driving migration of their organizations’ IT resources to the cloud, a recent survey by Unisys Corporation showed.

Seventy-two percent of the survey respondents say that their organizations’ CIO is spearheading movement to the cloud. In addition, securing the cloud is the respondents’ primary management concern.

The study also indicated that reducing costs and gaining faster access to computing capacity are the CIOs’ primary motivations.

The respondents far less frequently cite the CEO, board of directors and CFO as playing that role.

They also cited cost reduction, enabling computing capacity on demand, freeing IT staff to perform more high-value work as some of the reasons for cloud adoption.

“This study shows that far-sighted CIOs have a clear view of the competitive, operational and economic benefits of cloud computing, and are taking energetic action to realize them for their organizations,” said Steve Nunn, vice president, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Unisys.

With regard to the issues related to cloud adoption, 42 percent of survey respondents view security as the greatest cloud-management issue their organizations face.

“At the same time, those decision-makers are clear-eyed about the need to secure both existing IT and new cloud resources in order to protect vital business assets,” Nunn.


  1. Hello. I want to point out that the word “clod” in the headline should actually be “cloud.”
    Thanks very much for your interest in Unisys’ research.