CIO expects big risks coming with digital investments

82 percent of Indian CIOs say digital opportunities bring higher-level risks, according to Gartner’s 2015 CIO Agenda survey result.

70 percent CIOs in India say the enterprise is not equipped to handle risks associated with digital opportunities.

85 percent says that they need to improve enterprise agility to deal with these risks.

“Indian IT budget growth is projected to increase, and 74 percent of CIOs expect an increase in their IT budget,” said Partha Iyengar, vice president, distinguished analyst and head of research Gartner India.

41 percent of CIOs in India see themselves leading digital change within their enterprises, however, this is at odds with CEO expectations, with 15 percent of global CEOs picking the CIO as the logical leader for digital business initiatives.

Gartner said its 2015 CIO Agenda survey reached 2,810 CIOs in 84 countries, and representing $400 billion in IT budgets and a combined $12 trillion in public sector budgets and private-sector revenue.


The research agency says CIOs in India will have to allocate a reasonable part of their budget growth to risk management initiatives, an area in which they have traditionally underinvested. The rise of digital opportunities across industries brings with it an unprecedented increase in risk to the enterprise.

CIOs in India are seen to be in fairly consistent agreement with their global counterparts on the reality of new and increasing risks (82 percent in India versus 89 percent globally), risk management principles not keeping up (70 percent versus 69 percent) and the need to establish increased agility to respond to and contain risk (85 percent versus 83 percent).

The CIO report also suggests that enterprises should provide digital access on mobile devices as the device of choice because the focus on mobile (No. 2 in India) is rated significantly higher than it is globally (No. 5).

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