CIO and technology predictions for 2021

IDC has unveiled Worldwide CIO Agenda 2021 Predictions.
digital strategy for CIOs
IDC analysts Joe Pucciarelli and Serge Findling presented the key predictions that will impact CIOs and IT professionals worldwide over the next one to five years.

CIOs and senior IT leaders must discern how IT will enable the future growth and success of their enterprise while ensuring its resilience,” said Findling, vice president of Research for IDC’s IT Executive Programs (IEP).

Worldwide CIO Agenda

Prediction 1 – #CIOAIOPS

By 2022, 65 percent of CIOs will digitally empower and enable front-line workers with data, AI, and security to extend their productivity, adaptability, and decision-making in the face of rapid changes.

Prediction 2 – #Risks

Unable to find adaptive ways to counter escalating cyberattacks, unrest, trade wars, and sudden collapses, 30 percent of CIOs will fail in protecting trust —the foundation of customer confidence — by 2021.

Prediction 3 – #TechnicalDebt

Through 2023, coping with technical debt accumulated during the pandemic will shadow 70 percent of CIOs, causing financial stress, inertial drag on IT agility, and “forced march” migrations to the cloud.

Prediction 4 – #CIORole

By 2023, global crises will make 75 percent of CIOs integral to business decision making as digital infrastructure becomes the business OS while moving from business continuation to re-conceptualization.

Prediction 5 – #Automation

To support safe, distributed work environments, 50 percent of CIOs will accelerate robotization, automation, and augmentation by 2024, making change management a formidable imperative.

Prediction 6 – #RollingCrisis

By 2023, CIO-led adversity centers will become a permanent fixture in 65 percent of enterprises, focused on building resilience with digital infrastructure, and flexible funding for diverse scenarios.

Prediction 7 – #CX

By 2025, 80 percent of CIOs alongside LOBs will implement intelligent capabilities to sense, learn, and predict changing customer behaviors, enabling exclusive customer experiences for engagement and loyalty.

Prediction 8 – #Low/NoCode

By 2025, 60 percent of CIOs will implement governance for low/no-code tools to increase IT and business productivity, help LOB developers meet unpredictable needs, and foster innovation at the edge.

Prediction 9 – #ControlSystems

By 2025, 65 percent of CIOs will implement ecosystem, application, and infrastructure control systems founded on interoperability, flexibility, scalability, portability, and timeliness.

Prediction 10 – #Compliance

By 2024, 75 percent of CIOs will absorb new accountabilities for the management of operational health, welfare, and employee location data for underwriting, health, safety, and tax compliance purposes.