Carlsberg explains effects of digital transformation

Carlsberg has revealed some of the major digital transformation initiatives of the company in the annual report for 2018.
Carlsberg digital transformation
Carlsberg is focusing more on areas such as commercial, finance, supply chain, digital and data. Carlsberg accelerated digital agenda with the establishment of a digital transformation team. Nancy Cruickshank is the senior vice president Digital Business Transformation at Carlsberg.

Carlsberg created a digital business transformation team for assessing digital technologies and business models, and accelerating the development of digital products and services to drive future growth.

“Re-invent the bar” is an example of digital approach and adoption of agile ways of working. “Re-invent the bar” aims to strengthen the relationship with on-trade customers by offering digital products that can help them grow their business.

Based on a radical customer-centric way of working, including testing and validation with customers in Hong Kong, Switzerland and Denmark, Carlsberg works in cross-functional teams to rapidly develop, introduce and improve a digital product for educating bar staff and another digital product that enables customers to make better business decisions based on insights from available data.

Carlsberg said digital is one of the cornerstones of SAIL’22.

Carlsberg focused on a series of “lighthouse projects” aimed at taking a digital-first view of different areas of the business with a view to growing revenue and net income. The initial projects focused on route-to-market and the on-trade channel, identifying promising new products and services to step-change our customer offer.

The scope also included areas within supply chain, including demand planning and artificial intelligence. Carlsberg established a digital council, chaired by CEO and comprising the heads of digital, commercial, global business services, logistics and HR along with young “digital natives”.

The council meets once a month to sponsor, accelerate and provide optimal conditions for the digital reinvention of the Group.

Carlsberg, as part of digital activities, launched new on-trade applications that will support customers in terms of training and quality. Carlsberg’s e-commerce business in China is showing strong results more than doubling volumes in Q1 2019.

Carlsberg said its market share in the online beer market in China exceeds its off-line market share — after just two years of e-commerce operations.

Rajani Baburajan

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