25% organizations will have CDOs by 2017

25 percent of organizations will have chief data officers (CDO) by 2017.

The number of CDOs in regulated industries such as banking and insurance will be 50 percent, said Gartner.

20 percent of large organizations’ CEOs have involved a data officer in leading their organization’s digital innovation, said Gartner’s 2014 CEO survey (410 CEOs and senior business executives).

Gartner said chief information officers (CIOs) and CDOs should take the lead in anticipating and capitalizing on digital.

While many business units, such as Research & Development and marketing, are exploiting data-based digital opportunities, others, such as legal and HR, are concerned about ensuring compliance with regulations — led by the CIO.

“CIOs do not own the CDO’s responsibilities. CIOs and CDOs should have separate roles in the digital era, and they will need different skills and capabilities,” said Debra Logan, VP and Gartner Fellow.

Poor quality of data costs an average organization $13.5 million per year, Gartner said.

Data governance problems are worsening due to the following: data is not managed as an asset that crosses organizational boundaries, with the result that one group’s optimized data is another’s unusable data.

Few organizations use a consistent, common language for understanding business information and the semantics around it; instead, they generally maintain divergent and often conflicting definitions of the same data.

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