Nutanix extends channel program benefits to VAD and SIs

Nutanix announced that it is enhancing its channel charter, Power to the Partner, to extend opportunities to value-added distributors (VAD) and global systems integrators (GSI) along with additional opportunities for resellers.
Nutanix revenue growthThe new updates provide benefits to partners across industry, size and function in order for all Nutanix partners to succeed and grow with their Nutanix business.

Nutanix announced its new channel charter in August 2018 focusing on providing partners with beneficial program framework distinct from traditional programs.

Nutanix rewards channel partners based on their investments in Nutanix, rather than their revenue targets. Nutanix is enhancing program benefits for its existing resellers as well as extending these benefits to VADs and GSIs.

Nutanix recently announced a partnership with Intel to allow GSIs and VADs to gain more autonomy and deliver their own branded hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

Nutanix has laid out features designed specifically for VADs to provide access to incentives to help them capitalize on the multicloud, multi-platform and multi-workload opportunities in the market.

Distributors can leverage multiple resources throughout the sales lifecycle and can easily grow and improve their businesses alongside Nutanix.

Rodney Foreman, VP of Global Channel Sales, Nutanix, said: “Since bringing the charter to market, we have listened to feedback from our partners, and have made an effort to quickly respond to their suggestions to extend the program to all partners from resellers to GSIs alike.”

Nutanix reported revenue of $313.3 million with 78.6 percent gross margin up from $275.6 million with 61.9 percent gross margin in the first quarter of fiscal 2018.

Nutanix reported revenue of $280.7 million (+44 percent) from Software and Support and

$351 million (+50 percent) from Software and Support Billings.