Channel partners comment on Ruckus incentive programs

Cisco share in Enterprise WLAN Market in Q2 2017Ruckus, a part of Brocade, has revealed the comments to its Channel Partner Program that was introduced by the WLAN networking company in order to recognize and offer incentive to top performing partners.

Ruckus is the third largest WLAN technology company behind Cisco and HPE-owned Aruba. Ubiquiti and Huawei are the other WLAN companies.

Channel partners’ comments

“We’ve had great success deploying Ruckus solutions, including deployments such as Angel Stadium, that serves over 45,000 fans, and New York Staten Island Ferry, that serves over 75,000 commuters daily,” said Alessandro Feitosa, vice president of solutions engineering, 5bars.

“The simplified and specialization programs at Ruckus give us opportunity to sell complete wired and wireless products, making our solutions more valuable to customers. These programs give us more value-added services during our engagement with customers,” said Kevin Roper, chief operating officer, Cynergy Technology.

“Ruckus strives to reward its top-performing channel partners directly, eliminating the middle-tier layers and making it easy to do business with the company,” said Eric Jotti, director general, Interway.

Al Brown, chief executive officer, SmartWAVE Technologies, said the Ruckus Smart City Specialist program highlights its leadership in the Smart City market, and promotes expertise in deploying Ruckus infrastructure and related solutions in cities.

Ruckus’s new channel partner program

The new simplified programs allow Ruckus to re-invest in channel and solution provider partners by identifying high achieving partners.

“Our specialization programs give partners the opportunity to use our leading-edge technologies and demonstrated success to lead in markets such as Hospitality/MDU, Smart City, LPV, Education and other key verticals,” said Raelyn Kritzer, senior director of worldwide partner programs, Ruckus.

Ruckus said the channel partner programs give distributor and solution provider channel partners the opportunity for more profitability with access to Ruckus’ wired and wireless products, enhanced sales enablement tools and visibility into customer leads and requirements.

Ruckus currently has Hospitality and MDU specialization programs. In addition, Ruckus is announcing channel programs focused on Smart City, Large Public Venue and Education to recognize and reward partners.

“Since day one we’ve never competed with our partners, unlike competitors. With a comprehensive wired/wireless portfolio, partners have an opportunity to increase their profitability by 40 percent when selling these products together,” said Ian Whiting, chief commercial officer, Ruckus.

The programs provide partners in key vertical markets, including Hospitality, Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), Higher Education, Smart City and Large Public Venue (LPV), access to complete solutions that deliver networks with connectivity using Ruckus wired and wireless products.

Ruckus’ diverse and innovative product portfolio allows partners to go into emerging markets that are typically difficult to enter. The specialized programs are available to our global Elite Partners in the Ruckus Partner Program.

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