Canalys Forums 2023 Explores Tomorrow’s Partner Programs in Asia Pacific Tech Landscape

Canalys Forums 2023 Asia Pacific in Bangkok recently hosted an engaging panel discussion, delving into the landscape of Tomorrow’s Partner Programs within the evolving tech sphere. Esteemed experts shed light on the emergence of dynamic partnerships and unveiled pivotal insights crucial for thriving channel collaborations in the contemporary tech realm.
Canalys Forums Tomorrow’s Partner ProgramsNetApp is committed to drive a partner-first culture and the strategy behind the new partner program brings that commitment to life, says Jenni Flinders, SVP Worldwide Partner Organization at NetApp.

This approach allows partners to differentiate in a unique way. Points are mechanism to do that, but they are not the primary pivot, Microsoft said.

Digital platforms are playing a major role in scaling the business for channel partners. Customization and flexibility are key areas for the success for channel partners.

Co-selling is a sales strategy that sees two or more businesses joining forces to offer customers solutions that meet their needs. Co-selling is any moment that a partner adds value that can be monitored, measured and managed with a repeatable and scalable process.

The panel discussion was a treasure trove of strategies aimed at empowering the channel community to deliver unparalleled value to customers. With a focus on actionable tactics for revenue growth and sustainable success within the IT industry, Canalys dissected the fundamental elements of successful partner programs.

A diverse panel of distinguished speakers graced the event, each offering unique perspectives and invaluable expertise. Among them were Sharon Hiu, Senior Analyst at Canalys; Gary Hang, Head of Channels, Greater Asia at HP; Kairo Alloja, Head of Vendor Relations at Markit; Wendy O’keefe, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, NEXTGEN Asia, NEXTGEN Group; Nicco Putra, Alliance Sr. Manager, Berca Hardayaperkasa; and Nok Jaruwan, Director, AMEA Channels & MSP Business, Trend Micro.

Throughout the discussion, these luminaries shared invaluable insights on maximizing partnerships and standing out in an increasingly competitive market. Their expert advice, coupled with real-world examples, provided attendees with actionable strategies poised to elevate their collaborative ventures and navigate the complexities of today’s tech ecosystem.

The event was hailed as a beacon for fostering innovation and strengthening collaborative efforts within the tech industry, emphasizing the pivotal role of strategic partnerships in driving sustained growth and delivering exceptional value to customers. Canalys Forums 2023 in Bangkok stands as a testament to the continual evolution and dynamic nature of partnerships in shaping the future of technology.

Baburajan Kizhakedath @ Canalys Forums 2023 Asia Pacific

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