A look inside Intel Partner Alliance and how Intel is strengthening partnerships

Intel is on a path to strengthen its global partnerships and simplify the experience partners have when they work with Intel.
Intel Partner Alliance for channels
Through the Intel Partner Alliance program, Intel supports the business needs of Intel’s partners and has a direct impact on how Intel partners grow their profit and customer base.

With the Intel Partner Alliance’s new campaign, “Partnership Strengthened, Simplified,” Intel said it is focused on bringing a Customer First approach to everything it does for partners.

“For the Intel Partner Alliance, this means we are constantly listening to partners and improving the experience based on their feedback and needs,” said Andrew Marsee, general manager of Intel Partner Alliance Experience.“We are simplifying Intel Partner Alliance, so it is easier to partner with Intel.”

Intel provided the examples of how it is simplifying the experience.

More Options to Achieve Gold & Titanium Status

“There are now more options for Intel Partner Alliance members to achieve Gold and Titanium tier status,” said Marsee.

Partners now have more flexibilityin the program criteria to qualify for a higher tier in Intel Partner Alliance.

“To achieve Gold Tier, Partners now must meet one of three criteria: Revenue, Training, or Solutions. To achieve Titanium Tier, partners must achieve Revenue criteria and one of two other criteria: Training or Solutions.”

Market Development Funds (MDF) as a Scalable Benefit

Intel reports that it is in the process of simplifying and re-introducing Market Development Funds (MDF) as a scalable benefit for eligible Intel Partner Alliance partners.  This transition includes the migration to a new modern tool that eligible partners will leverage to manage MDF with Intel.

Points Redemption for All, and other New Benefits

“We are delivering more value to partners,” said Marsee. After a successful pilot in 2022, we have permanently enhanced the ability for our member partners to not only earn, but also redeem points for valuable rewards.We also continue to add new redemption options for our partners. Across 2023, this will include adding design enablement service vouchers, cloud instancevouchers, and cloud certification training as redemption options for our partners.”

Additionally, Intel is now providing its partners with curated content and data for economic indicators, country-by-country macroeconomics, and industry trends. And, Intel added Accelerated by Intel, a new brand endorsement and achievement for Intel partners.

“This endorsement proves to customers the quality of the solutions powered by Intel technology to run customers’ workloads as efficiently and effectively as possible,” said Marsee.

Intel Solutions Marketplace ExperienceOverhaul

Moreover, Intel said it has enhanced its marketplace experience. Intel Solutions Marketplace is an online platform to drive digital matchmaking and collaboration in a new data-centric landscape.

Marsee said, “It enables partners to network and co-create with industry providers, differentiate their offerings, and showcase them to other partners and to enterprise end customers. We recently launched a complete platform overhaul with an entirely new look and feel, improving the experience to generate connections and leads, easing site navigation, and significantly improving overall search functionality. I encourage you to check it out and explore here.”

Enhanced Training and Upgraded Intel Partner University Experience

Intel also recently upgraded the Intel Partner University experience. Intel Partner University is an advanced learning center offering industry-leading curriculum with specialized training paths as well as recommended courses for each company.

“Late last year, we launched a complete upgrade to the digital university experience, including personalized pathways of curated training curriculum, and new content rating system to help partners find and consume the highest peer-rated content,” Marsee said.

Intel Partner Alliance offers members a holistic portfolio of benefits, including:

  • Valuable Rewards: Earn points for your qualifying activities, advance your membership status, and get access to additional resources to build your business.
  • Training and Competencies: Access to Intel Partner University provides specialized training on advanced technologies, competency programs, and rewards for learning.
  • Sales and Marketing Resources: Intel Solutions Marketplace, the Intel Marketing Studio and other valuable sales enablement content helps you create more demand for your products and services.
  • Expedited Support: Quickly connect with live Intel support and account personnel whenever you need to get a question answered.
  • Technical Enablement: Gain seemless Access to learn, prototype, test, and run workloads on the latest Intel hardware and software.

“Intel Partner Alliance helps partners grow and increase their profits in many ways,” said Marsee.

“As we promised last year, we will continue simplifying the program, strengthening partnerships, and providing more value for businesses worldwide.”

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