PW1100 engine

Pratt & Whitney faces hurdles as IndiGo and GoAir ground airlines due to faulty...

The US-based Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies, is in news in India for problems with its faulty engines supplied to Airbus...
Coca Cola and technology

Coca-Cola to use blockchain to reduce forced labor

Coca-Cola will use blockchain digital ledger technology to create a secure registry for workers as part of the strategy to reduce the use of forced...
Dollar spending on technology

EU may impose 3% turnover tax on Google, Facebook

Large technology companies with significant digital revenues in the European Union such as Google and Facebook could face a 3 percent tax on their...
US dollar

U.S. tech companies win changes in bill to limit China access to technology

Lawmakers pushing legislation aimed at preventing China from acquiring sensitive U.S. technology have proposed relaxing elements of the measure, Reuters reported. Read the latest...
EOS 3D printing center in Germany

EOS opens 3D printing technology center in Germany

EOS, a technology supplier in industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers, has opened a customer and technology center in Dusseldorf City, Germany. The...
Wipro 3D

Wipro3D opens solution center in Bengaluru

Wipro3D, the additive manufacturing (AM) business unit of Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, has opened solution and experience center for metal 3D printing in Bengaluru, India. Wipro...
US dollar

EU proposes crowd-funding passports in boost for fin-tech: Reuters

The European Commission has proposed crowd-funding “passports” for the European Union in a draft law that forms part of efforts to boost growth in...
US dollar

India forms committee to solve fin-tech related issues

The India Government has set up a committee on fin-tech related issues aimed at the development of fin-tech industry. The primary aim is to make...
Toyota Carmy

Toyota venture to spend $2.8 bn to develop self-driving technology: Reuters

Toyota Motor said a new venture would be investing more than $2.8 billion to develop automated-driving software. Read the full IT technology news
US dollar

Reuters: Reliance, global tech firms to invest $9.3 bn in industrial area

Reliance Industries (RIL) and more than 20 technology firms including Cisco Systems, Siemens, Corning, HP, Dell, Nokia and Nvidia will invest $9.34 billion over...



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