Google Android dominance

Google reveals top 5 ways Android developers benefit from Play Billing

Google has revealed how Android developers will benefit from Play Billing.#1Developers can build global businesses at high scale because of Google’s development of this...
Google India business

Google faces backlash for 30% fee on app developers in Korea

Google faced backlash from South Korean developers after announcing 30 percent fee on all app developers. While Google has taken a 30 percent cut for...
Microsoft 365 price India

Microsoft 365 outage affects and Teams users

Microsoft said late Monday a recent change it introduced likely caused a major outage, affecting users’ access to multiple Microsoft 365 services, including
Adobe Liquid Mode

Adobe Liquid Mode assists customers to read PDF on mobile phones

Software major Adobe has launched Liquid Mode powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist customers to read PDF documents on mobile devices more easily. Liquid...
Veeva CRM solutions

Medis deploys Veeva CRM solution in 15 countries

Veeva Systems announced that Medis has switched to multichannel Veeva CRM solutions in 15 countries across Central and Eastern Europe to drive efficient and...
IT job

5 technologies that have changed the way we do business

Doing a business today is a lot more different than what it was a few years back. With new technologies emerging every day, the...
B2B CRM solutions

5 ways of using B2B CRM to achieve sales growth

B2B CRM refers to Business to Business Customer Relationship Management, a combination of technology, systems, processes, and strategies that are designed to help companies...

Microsoft adds new features to video meet app Teams

Microsoft announced several capabilities in its video meet app Teams to help people stay connected, collaborate and build solutions.The software maker said there isn’t...
8x8 contact center

Sefton Council deploys 8×8 Contact Centre in ten days

8x8, a cloud communications platform, announced that Sefton Council, the governing body for the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton in Merseyside, has deployed 8x8 Contact Centre in ten...
NCR DI platform solutions

River Valley Community Bank deploys NCR solutions

NCR Corporation, a technology provider for the financial industry, announced that Yuba City, Calif.-based River Valley Community Bank (RVCB) selected NCR to provide better...



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