Microsoft Teams

Critical features for remote workforce to ensure data security

Since the emergence of cloud computing, few small and big organizations had started deploying a remote workforce, usually limited to sales force only.We have...
Kucoin security incident

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin lost $150 mn in a hack?

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin is believed to have lost over $150 million in a hack, ZDnet reported.Singapore-based KuCoin confirmed the security incident saying that it...
Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center

Microsoft Azure blocks Gadolinium attacks

Microsoft has suspended 18 Azure Active Directory applications on its Cloud infrastructure that were being used by a Chinese nation-state actor to execute their...
Twitter developers

Twitter alerts developers of a bug it discovered and fixed

Twitter has alerted developers of a bug it discovered and fixed that may have compromised their accounts.The micro-blogging platform sent an email to developers...
Instagram bug

Instagram bug allows hacker to control victim’s account: Check Point

Researchers at cybersecurity firm Check Point have found a critical vulnerability in the Instagram app that would have given an attacker the ability to...
Google Android dominance

Trojan malware Alien steals credentials from Android apps: ThreatFabric

Cyber security researchers ThreatFabric have found a new Trojan malware named Alien that can steal credentials from 226 Android apps in several countries including...
Fortinet security business

Fortinet shines in network security biz with top three position

Network security market reached $3.6 billion, registering flat year-on-year growth in the second quarter of 2020, a report from Dell’Oro Group showed.The largest segment –...
digital call center security solutions

Importance of data security in the digital call centers

Prakash Nagarajan, co-founder and director of Tevatel, has explained the importance of data security in the digital call centers globally.In the wake of COVID-19,...
Microsoft SQL servers

Microsoft SQL Servers face new malware issue

Thousands of Microsoft SQL Servers have been found to be infected by a new malware gang, the cybersecurity arm of Chinese tech giant Tencent...
Razer gaming

Razer exposes personal information of over one lakh gamers

Gaming vendor Razer has exposed personal information of over one lakh gamers that was available for nearly a month for hackers to exploit, says...



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