Russian hackers used reseller access to Microsoft for U.S. cyber attack

The suspected Russian hackers behind the U.S. cyber attack have leveraged reseller access to Microsoft services to penetrate targets that had no compromised network...
Citrix for enterprise technology

Citrix faces DDoS cyberattack, impacting customers

Desktop virtualization company Citrix has faced a distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyberattack impacting some of its customers. Citrix said it is investigating the impact...
Leonardo IT investment

Leonardo hacking targeted Europe’s fighter jet program

An investigation into a data theft at Leonardo has found that a hacker working inside the Italian defense group appeared to target details of...
NSO Group Israel

Hacking company NSO faces legal battle from big tech firms

Technology companies including Microsoft and Google on Monday joined Facebook’s legal battle against hacking company NSO, filing an amicus brief in federal court that...
Cybersecurity for CSOs

Number of victims of suspected Russian cyber-attack exceeds 200

The number of victims of the suspected Russian cyber-attack now exceeds 200, Bloomberg reported.Those victims include Cisco Systems, security firm FireEye and the U.S. nuclear...
Palo Alto Networks cyber security solutions

Palo Alto Networks to help SolarWinds Orion customers

Palo Alto Networks has launched a program to help SolarWinds Orion customers navigate risks from cyberattacks.Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 is tracking SolarWinds Orion...
GenRx Pharmacy IT investment

GenRx Pharmacy reveals data security incident

GenRx Pharmacy has revealed a data security incident that could potentially impact the security of certain personal and protected health information regarding less than...
cybersecurity issues from Russia

SolarWinds reveals 18,000 impacted by cyber attack

New agency Reuters has identified the victims after cyber attack on SolarWinds by running a coding script released on Friday by researchers at Moscow-based cybersecurity firm...
Instagram bug

Facebook fixes bug that exposed Instagram users’ personal info

A bug during a Facebook test exposed the personal information like email addresses and birthdays of Instagram users, The Verge reported. Saugat Pokharel, an experienced...
Flipkart sales

Hackers target online shoppers during Flipkart festive sale

China-based hacking groups from GuangDong and Henan province in China have targeted online shoppers during the Flipkart festive sales.The biggest festive sale hacking emerged...



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