IT Statistics

IT Statistics

IT spending by major industry verticals

Who will be slashing IT spending this year due to cornavirus

IDC’s Jessica Goepfert and Stephen Minton will host a special webinar on May 7 to provide an industry-level assessment of the impact COVID-19 on...
Kingston DC500R and DC500M Enterprise SSD

Kingston leads SSD business, ahead of Western Digital and Samsung

Kingston Digital announced it achieved significant growth in SSD business in Q1 2020 due to demand from client, enterprise and OEM sectors. Since 2019, Kingston...
Public Cloud forecast for CIOs

Cloud IT spending grew 2.1% to $66.8 bn: IDC

End-user spending on IT infrastructure products such as server, enterprise storage, and Ethernet switch for public and private cloud, rose 12.4 percent to $19.4...

IT spending to decline 2.7% due to COVID-19

Worldwide IT spending is expected to decline 2.7 percent in 2020 as COVID-19 impacts the global economy.IT spending on hardware, software, and IT services...
Netmagic data center India

Server and storage revenue to drop in 2020 due to coronavirus: IDC

The latest IDC report indicated that revenue from server and storage business will drop in 2020 due to the spread of coronavirus. Server market revenues...
India WLAN suppliers 2019

India WLAN suppliers in 2019: IDC

The Indian WLAN market declined 13.1 percent to $56.7 million in Q4 2019, according to IDC. Consumer WLAN market fell 27 percent. The enterprise-class WLAN...
Router suppliers in India in 2019

India router suppliers in 2019: IDC

India router market revenue fell 46.5 percent to $75.8 million in Q4 2019, according to IDC.The decline of the router segment in 4Q19 was...
India switch suppliers 2019

India Ethernet switch suppliers in 2019: IDC

India Ethernet switch revenue declined 3.7 percent to $142.6 million in Q4 2019, according to IDC.The decline was attributed to the slow economic conditions...

IT spending faces crisis in Asia Pacific due to coronavirus impact

IT spending in Asia Pacific excluding Japan and China (APEJC) will be growing at 1.2 percent due to coronavirus impact, according to IDC research...
Dollar spending on technology

IT spending to drop this year due to coronavirus crisis: IDC

The coronavirus crisis is impacting IT markets as buyers and vendors adjust to a new set of assumptions. There will be a significant slowdown in...



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