Microsoft Windows Phone 8 vs Apple iOS 7

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 enterprise smartphones to gain as Apple iOS 7 slips

Enterprise smartphones on the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system (OS) platform are likely to see more demand than Apple iOS 7. According to ABI...
Cloud Computing

Leveraging the cloud to improve agility and drive innovation

Cloud offers a platform to bring enterprise agility, optimize cost and fuel innovation. To leverage the benefits of cloud, enterprises should establish a best...

BYOD not an option, but a necessity for enterprises

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the new wave sweeping enterprises across all segments. It has opened better opportunities for enterprises embracing mobility to...

Big Data trends and opportunities in Retail

As retail industry moves from the conventional on-store platform to e-commerce platforms hosted in cloud, companies involved in the retail chain are given immense...



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