SAP India

How SAP is winning in Russia when Oracle, Microsoft and Google have lost

Germany-based business software company SAP is doing well in Russia despite restrictive rules and mounting local competition, Reuters reported. SAP is the leader in the...

Blockchain in industrial automation: Myth or reality?

Blockchain, often referred in the context of digital currency transactions, is now set to revolutionize industrial automation segment. Recent research reveals that blockchain interest is...
Computer user

Expense management automation is key to managing financial process

Outdated legacy technology is one of the core causes of inefficient expense, travel, and invoice recording.  These manual processes are clunky, time-consuming, vulnerable to human...

Blockchain technology: how it improves efficiency of travel industry

Blockchain technology has the potential to shake up the travel industry by giving airlines and hotels a way to bypass controlling intermediaries like Expedia...
Alibaba Cloud offerings in Indonesia

Why Alibaba is unable to add big Cloud customers vs AWS?

Allan Krans, cloud practice manager at Technology Business Review, has revealed in a research report why Alibaba Cloud President Simon Hu’s aim to overtake...
Cisco, Dell EMC and HPE share

How Cisco, Dell EMC and HPE performed in infrastructure space

Canalys Principal Analyst Matthew Ball has revealed the market share of Cisco, Dell EMC and HPE in the global IT infrastructure market in 2017. Cisco...
India CIOs and digital transformation

Will India CIOs lose job because they are slow in digital transformation?

Forrester analysts Ashutosh Sharma and Bobby Cameron have explained why Indian CIOs are slow to embrace digital transformation, and what they need to do...
Cloud market share in 2017

Cloud business analysis of AWS, Google, Alibaba and Microsoft

Amazon’s Web Services business (AWS), Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Cloud performed well in the global Cloud market in December quarter of 2017. AWS’s...
Dell Latitude for CIOs

Dell tries to grab more laptop share from business and CIOs

Essar Group CIO Jayantha Prabhu is the new brand ambassador for Dell laptop PCs in India as the US-based devices maker is eager to...
Google Cloud platform regions

Google reveals investment plans for growing Cloud business

Google has revealed its additional investment plans for growing Cloud business competing with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Alibaba, among others. Google aims to increase...



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