Microsoft Gaming revenues 2017-2022

Microsoft Faces Challenges in Its Quest for Gaming Dominance

Microsoft’s ambitions in the gaming industry are poised for an intriguing future, marked by significant acquisitions and intense competition with its primary rival, PlayStation. Despite...
Google South Korea

Japan Investigates Google for Potential Antimonopoly Violations in Web Search Services

The Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) is investigating Google for potential violations of Japan’s Antimonopoly Act in the realm of web search services. This...
Meta Platforms business

Meta Platforms Announces Broadcast Channels Feature for Facebook and Messenger

Meta Platforms, the parent company of social media giant Facebook, has revealed its plans to introduce broadcast channels, a feature allowing public distribution of...
LinkedIn job India

Microsoft’s LinkedIn Announces Second Round of Job Cuts Amid Revenue Slowdown

In response to a dip in revenue growth, Microsoft-owned professional networking platform LinkedIn has announced a second round of job cuts for the year,...
Dollar spending on technology

Casino Major Delta Faces Mounting Tax Woes as GST Authorities Demand Rs 6,385 Crore

Delta Corp, a prominent casino chain in India, has encountered further tax troubles with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) authorities demanding an additional...
Google Play Store

Google Offers $3.8 mn Payment to German Publishers for News Content Amid Pending DPMA...

In a recent development, global tech giant Google has reached an agreement with Corint Media, an umbrella organization representing the interests of German and...
Google Play Store

Tech Giant Google Maintains Overwhelming Dominance in Online Search Engine Market

A recent report has reaffirmed Google’s steadfast dominance in the search engine market, showcasing its formidable position with a commanding 91.7 percent market share...
Social media marketing and technology

Asia Internet Coalition Opposes Indian Government’s Draft Dark Pattern Guidelines

The Asia Internet Coalition (AIC), a group representing major tech industry players including Meta, Amazon, Twitter, and Google, has voiced its opposition to the...
Laptop for online learning students

Enlightening Cinema: Top Educational Movies for Students of All Ages

Explore the power of educational movies in shaping young minds. From untold stories of brilliant mathematicians in “Hidden Figures” to the inspiring journey of...
Google Play Store

South Korea Proposes Significant Fines for Google and Apple Over In-App Payment Violations

South Korea’s telecommunications regulator, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC), announced on Friday its intention to levy fines totaling up to 68 billion won (approximately...



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