Google customers

Google to pay for content to 30 news publishers in India

Alphabet’s Google has launched its Showcase news platform in India with 30 domestic news publishers. Indians have become increasingly reliant on social media platforms like...
YouTube videos

YouTube offers $100 mn creator fund for Shorts video taking on TikTok

Alphabet’s YouTube announced a $100 million fund to pay content creators who make hit videos on its new short-form video feature Shorts. YouTube said it will...
Internet user on laptop

The importance of marketing for small businesses

Maintaining a successful business is hard work, there is a never-ending list of tasks to carry out and departments that need nurturing, products that...
Facebook customer

Facebook Workplace has 7 million paid subscribers

Facebook Workplace has reached seven million paid subscribers, registering an increase of over 40 percent in the past year.The enterprise social platform Workplace recently...
Google South Korea

Google sales surge 34% lifted by ad and Cloud businesses

Google parent Alphabet said its overall sales rose 34 percent to $55.31 billion during the first quarter of 2021, indicating revival of business conditions.Google...
Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google

Dominance of Apple and Google’s app stores impacting competition

App developers need fair and reasonable terms when dealing with app stores and better processes for the approval of apps to help address the...
Mastercard Masterpass phone payment

Mastercard buys digital identity firm Ekata for $850 mn

Mastercard announced the acquisition of Ekata for $850 million as part of its strategy to strengthen digital identity focus. Ekata is headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Amsterdam,...
Google Android dominance

Google misled consumers about personal location data collection: Australia

Australian regulator ACCC today said the Federal Court has found that Google misled consumers about personal location data collected through Android mobile devices between...
Facebook customer

Facebook removes 16,000 accounts for trading fake reviews

Facebook has removed 16,000 accounts that were publishing fake reviews of products and services on its platforms in the UK. U.S.-based Facebook also made changes...
Facebook for SME

Facebook does not plan to notify half-billion users affected by data leak

Facebook did not notify the more than 530 million users whose details were obtained through the misuse of a feature before 2019 and recently...



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