IBM study on online buying

Consumers prefer to combine digital and physical elements during buying: IBM study

Consumers prefer to combine digital and physical elements during their buying process said a study by IBM. The study was released at NRF 2015 tech...

Oracle acquires digital marketing company Datalogix

Enterprise IT vendor Oracle has acquired Datalogix, a digital marketing company. Oracle did not share financial details. The acquisition of Datalogix enables Oracle to deliver consumer profiles...

Digital technology can improve justice system: Accenture survey

69 percent citizens in seven countries say the increased use of digital technologies could improve the justice system in their countries, said a survey...
IBM Client Center Delhi

IBM powers e-commerce platform of Musimundo on Cyber Monday

Business IT vendor IBM today said it powered the e-commerce platform of entertainment appliances company Musimundo to meet customer demand on CyberMonday in Argentina. Musimundo,...

Accenture acquires Australian digital agency Reactive Media

Accenture has acquired Reactive Media, a digital agency in Australia, to strengthen its digital marketing and technology services. In 2013, Accenture acquired Fjord and Acquity Group to Accenture Digital...



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