Amazon web services

Amazon Web Services outage affects news websites and software providers’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) was back up on Thursday following an outage that affected several users ranging from websites to software providers.“We have...
Slack for mobility

Salesforce in talks to buy workplace messaging app Slack is in talks to acquire workplace messaging app Slack Technologies, Reuters reported. Salesforce’s bid comes as Slack struggles to fully capitalize on the switch...
Kubernetes vs Docker

Kubernetes and Docker: Independent but better together

Kubernetes and Docker have been the biggest influencers in cloud computing technology this decade. These two open-source platforms are some of the players that...
Zenlayer India team

Zenlayer opens regional headquarters in India

Global edge cloud services provider Zenlayer announced the opening of its office, located in Mumbai.It will also serve as their India headquarters. Mumbai will...
Veeam Software channel event

Veeam Software’s main achievements during third quarter

Veeam Software, a leader in backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management, has revealed the company’s main achievements during the third quarter. Veeam Software reported... data centers

OVH joins hands with Google to build up cloud computing capacity

French technology firm OVH is joining hands with Google to build up its capacities in cloud computing. Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet’s Google dominate the field...
Google Cloud at IT trade show

Knowlarity selects Google Cloud to launch Speech Analytics platform

Knowlarity Communications, a cloud communications and AI solutions company, has selected Google Cloud to launch its Programmable Speech Analytics platform in India.The Programmable Speech...
AWS event for CIOs

AWS to open second Cloud region in India by mid-2022

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced it will open a second Cloud region in India by mid-2022 with three availability zones.The Hyderabad Cloud region will...
AWS technology for CIOs

AWS revenue grows 29% with several client wins

Amazon said revenue of Amazon Web Services (AWS) rose 29 percent to $11.6 billion in the third quarter of 2020. Operating income of the Cloud...
Google Cloud at IT trade show

Google Cloud revenue surges 45% to $3.44 bn in Q3

Google Cloud revenue rose 45 percent to $3.444 billion in Q3 2020 from $2.379 billion in Q3 2019.The annual growth of Google Cloud revenue...



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