Adidas user

Adidas to boost e-commerce business amid supply chain issues

Adidas, which expects supply chain issues to curb sales growth, will use e-commerce tools, as part of the digital transformation strategy, to grow business. Adidas...
Ghinwa Baradhi, CIO of HSBC, MENA and Turkey

IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2019 reveals CIO Awards

The IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2019 announced the second edition of the IDC CIO Excellence Awards.CIO of the YearWinner: Ghinwa Baradhi, CIO, HSBC,...
Garner report on product management

Best product management practices for portfolio transformation

Product managers at technology service providers are challenged to update their product portfolios to remain aligned to the needs of a rapidly evolving market. Current...
Digital transformation for pharmaceutical cos

Digital transformation in pharmaceutical companies

Most of the leading bio-science, life-science and pharmaceutical companies have strong digital transformation programs in place. IT services company Cognizant has generated revenue of $4.668...
Supply Chain Management for leaders

The future of Supply Chain: 4 factors leaders should watch out for

Supply chain leaders must invest to keep up with societal and technological changes. In 10 years, fewer workers will be tasked to support a growing...
Online shopping trends

Digital transformation and achievements of financial services cos

Financial services companies are making huge investment in their digital transformation journey. CEOs and CFOs of Visa, Deutsche Bank, Nomura Holdings, Mastercard, Provident Financial Services,...
Retail and consumer company EBITDA

Digital transformation and investment trends at consumer goods cos

Several consumer goods companies have revealed returns from their digital transformation initiatives in the recent months.Electrolux, Unilever, Tupperware, Colgate-Palmolive, Kimberly-Clark, Procter & Gamble, and...
Walmart retail store associates

NRF 2019: What to expect from retail technology companies

Leading retail technology companies will be presenting their solutions -- at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show NRF19 on January 13-15, 2019 in the...
Retail technology for customer experience

NRF 2019: How retail technology is enhancing customer experience

Some of the top retailers have revealed their business benefits after making investment in innovative technology solutions -- ahead of the National Retail Federation’s...

NRF 2019: Retailers want retail technology innovation

The National Retail Federation’s Big Show NRF19 on January 13-15, 2019 in US will attract record number of retail technology companies and retailers despite...



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