Hugo Boss digital transformation

Hugo Boss digital transformation improves business efficiency

Hugo Boss CEO Mark Langer has revealed how the fashion retail company is creating business efficiency by making investment in digital transformation. Josef Richter is...
Henkel digital transformation

Henkel accelerates digital transformation with more initiatives

Henkel CEO Hans Van Bylen has revealed its plans for making investments of around €300 million in technologies, innovation and digitalization to ensure sustainable...
Kraft Heinz and digital transformation

Kraft Heinz steps up digital investment plans

Kraft Heinz CEO Bernardo Hees said the company achieved strong returns on investment in marketing, category management and e-store sales in 2018.“We expanded in...
Revlon CIO on digital transformation

Revlon CEO on gains from digital transformation efforts

Revlon CEO Debbie Perelman announced that the company will be enhancing its digital transformation efforts.Chau Banks is chief technology officer at Revlon, responsible for...
Nike and digital transformation

Nike reveals outcome from investment in digital transformation

Nike has revealed the outcome from its investment in digital transformation that assisted the company in serving consumers better and driving significant growth.Nike reported...
Facebook customer

Server issue pulls down Facebook

Facebook said change in server configuration triggered the outages impacting several users of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp on Wednesday. The global outages have lasted...
Adidas user

Adidas to boost e-commerce business amid supply chain issues

Adidas, which expects supply chain issues to curb sales growth, will use e-commerce tools, as part of the digital transformation strategy, to grow business. Adidas...
Ghinwa Baradhi, CIO of HSBC, MENA and Turkey

IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2019 reveals CIO Awards

The IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2019 announced the second edition of the IDC CIO Excellence Awards.CIO of the YearWinner: Ghinwa Baradhi, CIO, HSBC,...
Garner report on product management

Best product management practices for portfolio transformation

Product managers at technology service providers are challenged to update their product portfolios to remain aligned to the needs of a rapidly evolving market. Current...
Digital transformation for pharmaceutical cos

Digital transformation in pharmaceutical companies

Most of the leading bio-science, life-science and pharmaceutical companies have strong digital transformation programs in place. IT services company Cognizant has generated revenue of $4.668...



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