Oracle retail for CIOs

Hiring processes and trends for new CIOs

Seventy percent of hiring processes of new CIOs rank individual determination and sensitivity as two critical personal characteristics in 2021, according to Gartner research...
Fossil Indonesia

Fossil focuses on digital transformation spending for business growth

Fossil Group CEO Kosta Kartsotis has revealed how the company's spendig on its digital transformation initiatives have resulted into business growth in the third...
Nike membership

How digital transformation is powering Nike business growth

Nike CEO John Donahoe has revealed that it depends on digital transformation for the sportswear brand’s business growth. Nike recently announced its fiscal 2021 financial...
IT job

Winners of IDC Industry Insights Innovation Awards 2020

IDC India announced  the winners of the seventh annual IDC Industry Insights Innovation Awards 2020 (IDCIIA 2020) honoring the technology leaders of India. IDC Industry Insights...
Louis Vuitton shop in Fuzhou

Louis Vuitton online strategy head Ian Rogers resigned

Louis Vuitton, the world’s biggest luxury goods group, is set to rejig the team that oversees its online strategy after Ian Rogers, recruited from...
Maruti technology investment

Maruti Suzuki enhances digital transformation boosting online sales

Maruti Suzuki has revealed how technology focus has asisted the the largest carmaker in India to sell 2 lakh cars through online channels. Maruti started...
tech 2021

CIOs and CMOs will play key role in business transformation in 2021

  A few weeks left for the fateful 2020 to bid adieu, forecasts about what 2021 has in offing are on the fly. Doubtlessly, 2021...
Nissan at a trade event

Nissan accelerates digital transformation to sell more vehicles

Car maker Nissan is embarking on digital transformation to sell more vehicles during the Covid-19 pandemic, Reuters reported. Ashwani Gupta, chief operating officer, is spearheading...
digital strategy for CIOs

CIO and technology predictions for 2021

IDC has unveiled Worldwide CIO Agenda 2021 Predictions. IDC analysts Joe Pucciarelli and Serge Findling presented the key predictions that will impact CIOs and IT...
How to cut IT spending

10 rules for CIOs to cut IT budget during Covid-19

Research firm Gartner has recommended CIOs to follow 10 rules when faced with the need to cut IT budgets quickly. IT spending is forecast to contract...



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