WNS and technology for enterprise

WNS targets $1.34 bn revenue

WNS Holdings, a provider of global Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, reported revenue of $314.9 million (+5.4%) during January-March and $1,224.3 million (+10.3%) in...
Teleperformance employees

Teleperformance lowers 2023 revenue outlook

Teleperformance, France-based outsourcing and call centre group, has lowered its 2023 revenue outlook, citing negative currency effects and the move of some of its...
China BPO

China’s service outsourcing deals surge 24% in Q1

China’s service outsourcing industry saw a steady expansion in the first quarter of this year, according to data from the Ministry of Commerce. Chinese firms...
IT services companies and employee cost

India’s IT services revenue to drop in current fiscal

Revenue of the information technology (IT) services sector in India will drop by 700-900 basis points (bps) to 10-12 percent in fiscal 2024. India’s IT...
Teleperformance employees

Teleperformance opens new site in Hyderabad for 1,000 employees

Teleperformance has launched a new site in Hyderabad to accommodate over 1,000 employees. It is equipped with over 560 production workstations and another 100...
BPO center

Organizations without a machine customer strategy to struggle

20 percent of inbound customer service contact volume will come from machine customers by 2026, according to Gartner research report. Machine customers are nonhuman economic...
British Airways technology

British Airways makes investment in call centre in India

British Airways has announced further investment in CallBA, the airline’s call centre located in Gurugram, near Delhi, India. British Airways did not reveal further details...
Teleperformance employees

Teleperformance revenue jumps 12.5% to $8.7 bn

Call center company Teleperformance posted full-year revenue slightly above its previous guidance on Thursday, helped by a drive towards digitalisation among clients. “2022 has been a...
WNS and technology for enterprise

WNS COO Gautam Barai resigned

WNS Holdings announced that Gautam Barai has decided to step down as the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) to pursue other interests. WNS also announced...
IT employment

TechServe projects IT staffing will grow 5-7% in 2023

TechServe projects that IT staffing industry will grow 5 percent-7 percent in 2023. Engineering staffing is projected to be up 3 percent-5 percent in...



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