WNS signs new BPO deal with Scandinavian Airlines

Infotech Lead India: After British Airways, Scandinavian Airlines has signed new BPO deal with WNS.

As per the extension of the service contract, WNS will continue to provide a comprehensive range of services in Passenger Revenue Accounting, and in addition will begin providing analytical support, risk, audit and compliance services.

The outsourcing major will create a dedicated SAS Business Excellence team within WNS to provide PRA management and senior-level analytical capabilities.

This new group will work with SAS Management to drive transformational change and process efficiency within the SAS Commercial Departments.

“WNS has supported Scandinavian Airlines for the past 9 years in the PRA environment, and we are delighted to increase both the duration and the scope of our relationship,” said Keshav R Murugesh, WNS’s CEO.

The extended scope of this new agreement will enable SAS to utilize the analytical, consulting and management skills within WNS, strengthening the value of its strategic partnership.

Toke Hogild, vice president Commercial Processing, SAS, said: “SAS is undertaking severe organizational changes and at the same time implementing commercial initiatives but I am confident that our extended scope with WNS will enable us to succeed.”

Recently, WNS Holdings extended its service contract with British Airways (BA). The new BPO deal will include increased focus on driving transformation, technology enablement, and overall process efficiency through the company’s Value Innovation Program (VIP).

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