Wipro Q3 revenue up 6.4%

Wipro’s IT services revenue in the third quarter ended December rose 6.4 percent to $1,678 million.

The outlook for the fourth quarter would be $1,712 million to $1,745 million, Wipro said on Friday.

TCS on Thursday said the year 2014 would be better than 2013.

In terms of sequential revenue growth, Wipro is behind at 2.9 percent as compared with 3 percent sequential revenue growth of TCS and HCL’s 4 percent. But Wipro’s growth in the latest quarter is significantly higher than Infosys’s 1.7 percent.

“As the global economy is progressing towards stability, we see optimism amongst clients, especially in the West. Corporations are leveraging technology to reduce operational costs and investing resources in differentiating themselves in the marketplace,” said Wipro chairman Azim Premji.

Wipro India BPO
Wipro had 146,402 employees till December 31, 2013.

The IT services company generated 13.7 percent revenue from media and telecom industry in the third quarter, finance (26.4 percent), manufacturing and hi-tech (18.6 percent), healthcare (10.6 percent), retail (14.6 percent) and energy (16.1 percent).

America contributed 49.9 percent of its IT services revenue in Q3, Europe (29.6 percent), India and Middle East (8.5 percent) and Asia Pacific and other emerging markets (12 percent). Revenue from India and Middle East increased marginally.

In terms of business portfolio, Wipro global infrastructure contributed 24.9 percent revenue, analytics (7.2 percent), business application services (8.7 percent), BPO (8.7 percent), product engineering (7.6 percent), ADM (19.9 percent), research and development (10.1 percent) and consultancy services (2.4 percent).

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