Wipro offers salary increase to employees

Wipro said it will initiate merit salary increase (MSI) for all eligible employees up to Band B3 (Assistant manager and below), effective September 1, 2021.
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In January 2021, the IT services company announced salary hikes for eligible employees in these bands, who form 80 percent of the company’s workforce. This is the second salary hike in this calendar year.

Wipro has 197,712 employees at the end of March 2021. Attrition rate at the IT services business of Wipro was 12.1 percent in fiscal 2021-22.

As announced earlier, all eligible employees above band C1 (Managers and above) will receive salary hikes effective June 1. On average, the increments will be in the high single digits for offshore employees while it will be in the mid-single digits for onsite employees.

The company will reward top performers with substantially higher increase in salary, Wipro said on Friday.