Wipro employees get 3% salary hike in India and 6-8% abroad

Infotech Lead India: Wipro announced a salary hike of 6-8 percent to its offshore employees and 2-3 percent for onsite employees.

The salary hike for Wipro employees will be effective from June 2013.

For high-performers, the salary raise will be in double digits, Wipro said on Thursday.

On the other hand, Infosys, Wipro’s rivals, announced an 8 percent increase in salaries for its employees based in India. The company’s offshore employees will get 3 percent salary increase. The salary increase will be effective July 1.

Wipro has added 2,907 IT and BPO jobs in the fourth quarter of FY 2013. Wipro, announcing the quarterly financial result on Friday, said that its headcount in Q4 FY 2013 stood at 145,812 against 142,905 in Q3 FY 2013.

Attrition in BPO business reduced to 13.3 percent in the fourth quarter from 14.2 percent in the third quarter. Wipro on Friday said its total revenues rose 12 percent to $2.02 billion in Q4 2012-2013.

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