Wipro announces $2.8 million grant to launch fellowship program in the U.S.

Indian IT outsourcing vendor Wipro – in association with the Michigan State University (MSU) — announced $2.8 million grant for launching fellowship program in the United States.

The education program is expected to assist IT companies in the U.S. for their recruitments. The Bangalore-based Wipro employs more than 10,000 professionals across 48 states in the U.S.  Wipro has a vigorous recruitment program and hires from colleges and universities across the U.S.

The focus of the multi-year program, which will involve over a hundred school teachers, is to nurture excellence in science and mathematics, starting with the public school systems of Chicago.


Wipro STEM Fellowship Program will focus on building leadership in science and mathematics disciplines in urban schools by leveraging on research validated expertise of the College of Education at the MSU in designing transformative and innovative instructional experiences.

For the Chicago public schools system, this program and its fellow teachers will be an integrated part of its effort towards STEM capacity development in the districts.

“Wipro is committed to being an involved participant in its communities. This initiative seeks to develop and inspire young people to contribute to excellence in STEM education,” said TK Kurien, chief executive officer, Wipro.

The program will identify teachers committed to teaching in urban schools after a rigorous selection process. Participants will be elementary or secondary school educators.

Successful participants will earn a Graduate Certificate in STEM Teaching and Leadership recognizing their commitment and expertise in STEM fields in urban education. All program participants will also become part of the STEM Urban Learning & Leadership Community.

This initiative with MSU is the second such program that Wipro has kicked off in the past 16 months in the US. In 2012, Wipro and the University of Massachusetts, Boston (UMass Boston) jointly launched a fellowship program across 10 districts of Boston and Newark area in STEM Education, with the aim of fostering excellence.

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