Verizon and Cognizant to assist enterprises for digital presence

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Telecom major Verizon and IT services provider Cognizant announced their partnership to assist enterprises for strengthening their digital presence.

As part of this alliance, joint customers can experience technology demonstrations at Verizon’s Innovation Centers in San Francisco and Waltham, Mass. that will be powered by a new test-bed lab the companies are building. The lab and its technology will enable clients to visualize enterprise-scale projects versus simply viewing and testing point technology offerings.

The companies are expected to leverage their experience in helping clients build the digital infrastructure that integrates social, mobile, analytics, cloud and sensor technologies used to power the Internet of Things (IoT).

“Together with Verizon, we are showcasing the art of the possible and can offer integrated business and technology solutions that improve user experiences,” said Rob Calloway, vice president, customer relationship management solutions leader at Cognizant.

Retail, manufacturing and logistics, insurance, banking and financial services, and healthcare industries are some of the focus areas.

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