U.S. IT sector added 3,200 new jobs in September

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The U.S. information technology (IT) sector added 3,200 new jobs in September, according to an analysis by CompTIA.

Computer and electronic products manufacturing added 3,000 jobs.

New hiring in the computers and peripheral equipment and semiconductors and electronic components manufacturing categories paced the growth.

IT services and custom software development added 4,200 jobs.

Data processing, hosting and related services added 300 jobs.

Employers added 105,000 IT jobs in September. Other information services, including search portals, removed 2,400 jobs.

Telecommunications removed 1,900 jobs last month.

According to the cybersecurity jobs supply and demand map CyberSeek.org, there were nearly 300,000 job postings for cybersecurity positions in the roughly 12-month period from mid-2016 to mid-2017.

Job postings for IT positions experienced their largest drop of the year, falling nearly 40,000 in September from, the previous month. There was little change in the occupations employers are hiring for: software developers, computer system engineers/architects, computer systems analysts, IT support specialists, and web developers.

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