Teleperformance signs $185 mn deal with Microsoft to launch GenAI tool

Teleperformance, a leading outsourcing group, announced a $185 million agreement with Microsoft to launch its proprietary TP GenAI.
Teleperformance employeesTeleperformance believes that generative AI, which encompasses algorithms like ChatGPT capable of creating new content such as audio, text, and simulations, will enhance efficiency, accuracy, and customer experience.

With a global workforce of 410,000 employees across 170 countries, Teleperformance offers services such as conference calls, payroll management, and automated translations to its clients.

Using Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI, TP GenAI aims to automate simple and low-value tasks, enabling Teleperformance’s staff to focus on more critical matters. The company stated that some of its existing AI-powered tools already rely on Azure technology.

A pilot program of TP GenAI has demonstrated promising results, including a 25 percent reduction in call handling time, a 20 percent decrease in email response times, a 90 percent improvement in accurately addressing customer needs, a 35 percent increase in sales conversions, and near real-time insights into customer interactions.

As the call center industry undergoes rapid digital transformation, Teleperformance recently appointed Bhupender Singh, the president of transformation, as the deputy chief executive. This decision followed the company’s acquisition of rival firm Majorel in April for €3 billion ($3.27 billion), positioning Teleperformance as the sector’s top player with an annual revenue of €12 billion.

Teleperformance stated its projection that 20 to 30 percent of its processes will be automated within the next three years, reflecting the ongoing automation trend in the industry.

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