Teleperformance recognized by Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan has recognized Teleperformance (TP) with the 2013 North America Company of the Year Award in Contact Center Outsourcing.

The recognition is based on its analysis of the contact center outsourcing market.

TP in a statement said it has grown through both organic and external means to more than 100,000 computerized workstations, with 138,000 employees across more than 270 contact centers in 46 countries serving approximately 120 markets. It manages programs in more than 66 languages and dialects on behalf of major international companies and supports a variety of industries.

“Investing in technology and offering consultative, responsive client services are critical components of TP’s strategy to enhance its value proposition,” said Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Michael DeSalles. “Increasingly, TP’s approach allows clients to manage and deliver automated, personalized inbound and outbound communications solutions.”


As TP builds on its integrated technology capabilities and solutions leadership, it continues to hone its specialized industry vertical expertise as another critical component of keeping pace with the spinning world of customer interactions. For instance, the company’s “Innovation Council” – a group of company leaders that includes the CEO – fuels R&D out of six countries to globally create and improve products, services, and vertical offerings.

TP also has a significant competitive advantage in security. Its certified professionals are distributed across three major geographic regions (English-speaking and Asia-Pacific; Iberian-Latin America; Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa). Competitors in the industry manage security within their IT departments and do not have a dedicated organization or a separate security practice.

TP’s Fraud Risk Assessment program is unique in the market, as is its Virtual Briefing Center, a secure environment in the U.S. where clients and prospects can safely conduct an extensive, real-time, virtual tour of multiple sites prior to a physical visit. Clients can also perform Quarterly Business Reviews from a protected location.

TP’s new solution for social media, ePerformance, adds another important dimension to the company’s technology platform – a user-friendly and elegant social media platform with full support for voice and non-voice channels that generates critical insights for clients. TP’s work-at-home platform called HomeBase also attracts, motivates and develops the most qualified agent talent available in North America.

Teleperformance Platinum program combines technology and infrastructure with highly trained and passionate agents to deliver the highest level of customer care. No other company replicates this vertical-agnostic offering.

Similarly, the company has a number of North American services delivery options, both domestic and non-domestic, to meet and exceed any client requirements, expectations and scale including multichannel and multilingual capabilities.

Its young and energetic Worldwide CEO, Paulo Cesar Salles Vasques, combined with Worldwide Chairman Daniel Julien’s vision and the North American senior management teams’ stability and experience creates a unique entrepreneurial passion and sophisticated international perspective uncommon in the industry. These are significant advantages to Teleperformance clients which include many of the largest and most successful companies and brands in the world.

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