Teleperformance bags 3-year BPO deal from NHS Blood & Transplant

Teleperformance UK has bagged a three year BPO deal from NHS Blood & Transplant to manage contact centre services for general enquiries and appointments from the potential and current donors and enquiries relating to organ donation and transplantation.

The period of the new contract is between September 2014 and August 2017.

The new contract with NHS Blood & Transplant will mean over 150 jobs are safeguarded for Teleperformance employees based in Northern Ireland. In the UK, Teleperformance has around 8000 people in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Ian Hamerton, Head of Donor Services, said: “The contact centre service supplied to NHS Blood & Transplant by Teleperformance enables us to communicate with our customers across a number of different communication channels including a multi-award winning social media program.”


Rachel Robinson, EVP Client Services at Teleperformance UK, said: “We look forward to building on the important partnership we have with NHS Blood & Transplant to continue to grow, transform and deliver an excellent service to the UK public for this critical service.”

Teleperformance in the UK has been partnering with Central Government clients for over 20 years. The public sector represents a large part, of Teleperformance UK’s growing business.

In 2013, Teleperformance reported consolidated revenue of €2,433 million. It operates 110,000 computerized workstations, with close to 149,000 employees across around 230 contact centers in 46 countries and serving more than 150 markets.

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