Technology adoption slow among enterprises: Xchanging

Xchanging, a business process services, procurement management, information technology outsourcing and HR managed solutions, says customers today are looking for technologies that can bring radical changes to their IT.

“Simple outsourcing, Six Sigma and process improvements are not the norm anymore,” says Srikrishna Madhavan, president, Business Processing Services, Xchanging, in an interaction with InfotechLead. “With an array of technological tools, our customers are looking at adopting the latest technology, to simplify their complex problems by providing intelligence-based automation.”

Another significant trend that Xchanging witnessed in 2014 is the omnipresence of mobile, customers wanting any solutions to be accessible from, Madhavan added.

Srikrishna MadhavanIn 2014, the company took proactive effort in bringing the latest and best-in-class technological expertise to their existing and new clients.

“To our customers, we have been proposing the need to integrate mobility based tools and insights into operational management. By educating our customers, we’ve managed to make inroads into their legacy systems. We have leveraged our analytical tools to identify key pain points for our clients. Through this systemic approach of using innovative technology and analytics we have enabled the CXOs to have the freedom to focus on growing their business,” he added.

The biggest positive for 2014, according to Madhavan, had been the realisation that technology can solve a lot of problems, even if it’s in minute process driven areas.  However, the rate at which the technology adoption is growing is not promising. Having said that, 2015 should be the year where we see the best from technology and this trend will continue to gather pace in the coming years, he added.

Considering the demand from clients, the company plans to scale their technology offerings in 2015.  While in 2014, Xchanging focused on bringing a range of technological tools by educating its customers about the endless possibilities, in 2015 it will focus on automation and analytics, with the help of cloud based solutions.

“We’ve witnessed the demand for automation towards the tail end of 2014, and this will likely be our strategy for the first-half of 2015 as well,” Madhavan said. “The Cloud continues to be an important area, and 2015 will be the year where companies fully realise its potential.”

Automation, analytics and Cloud Computing will be the primary drivers in 2015. While customers will not need any convincing on Cloud Computing, Automation and Analytics still requires a fair amount of education. Above all, 2015 will be the year where technology takes the front seat for a range of operations, Madhavan said.

Rajani Baburajan

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