TCS wins tech deal from Transport for London

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has won a technology deal from Transport for London (TfL) to design, implement and operate a new smart mobility system for taxi and private hire vehicles in London.
TCS Netherlands
The duration of the technology contract is 10 years. TCS has the opportunity for a five-year extension. TCS will digitally transform taxi and private hire licensing and administration, as well as implement improvements and innovation.

TCS said it will design and launch the system using its DigiGOV framework for digital transformation.

The system will include an on-demand data and records management system that will enhance user experience by offering services like licensing payments and refunds to vehicle operators and owners through digital channels, says Graham Robinson, General Manager of Taxi and Private Hire, TfL.

Streamlined workflows link the user-friendly front-end interfaces with back-end activities such as bookings, personal detail processing and vehicle inspections. This digital shift will encourage a self-service approach among licensees. Data will be hosted on AWS cloud. The new solution will be scalable to accommodate future growth, and customers don’t face outages during operational hours.

“The new TCS-designed technology system will meet TfL’s key objectives, enhance customer experience and enable future requirements including connected, shared, electric, autonomous vehicle registrations. We are delighted to be appointed by TfL to deliver this transformation,” said Amit Kapur, Country Head, TCS UK and Ireland.

TCS is the largest IT service provider by revenue in the UK with roughly 18,000 employees. TCS has been ranked the #1 IT services provider for customer satisfaction in surveys by Whitelane Research, for six consecutive years.

TCS is listed among the top 25 Best Companies to work for in the UK, among the Best Companies in the Consultancy Sector, and named the number 1 Top Employer in UK by the Top Employers Institute.